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Insuring the things that matter

Your property and YOU!

We don't just offer mortgage services and advice in the Poole and Bournemouth areas. We can help with insurance too.

Insurance is often overlooked and many people do not review their cover often enough, in particular when their circumstances change.

Since it’s probably the biggest investment you have made, it’s absolutely essential to protect your property with an insurance policy that covers every eventuality. And it’s also important to know that you’re getting good value for your money.

Furthermore, are YOU covered with adequate insurance? If not, it’s time you were!

Many people only take out life insurance to cover their mortgage payments. In fact, having such cover can often be a condition of the mortgage being offered. But where would your family be if you suddenly became ill and unable to work, or died? Even if your mortgage is paid off, there are so many other outgoings to consider. All your loans and other credit borrowing, for a start, as well as the general expenses of life such as childcare and food.

As an insurance and mortgage broker, whether the insurance is for you or your property, we can help you make a choice that suits you and, since the cost can vary dramatically, we can also find you a product that suits your budget as well as your need.

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